Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Calgary Stampede Centennial

That's a Lot of Bull!
By laszlo-photo - Flickr
It's been 100 years since "The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth" begun, the annual rodeo festival, the parades, shows and concerts.... The Calgary Stampede.

From the 6th to 15th July this year, Calgary will be in festive mode for the huge event.  Being the centennial year, the city will be even more festive than usual.  If there's a Stampede not to be missed, it'll be this one.  The festival is stretching out it's celebrations for many more days and will be bigger, better and flasher than usual.  Dress up in your western boots, cowboy hats and bandanas and get amongst the fun and entertainment. 
Calgary Stampede Parade 2011
By Anna-Webber - Flickr

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The Calgary Stampede is an annual rodeo, exhibition and festival featuring music shows, animal shows, rides and games, parades, competitions and marching bands. It is fun for the whole family, so don some western gear and get on down. 

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Have fun!!