Thursday, 29 March 2012

Hot Springs and Glaciers in Canada!

 By Claude Robillard - Flickr

Take yourself on an extreme Vacation in Canada... Extreme because this roadtrip goes from Hot spring temperature extremes to Glacier temperature extremes.  But other than those extremes, the roadtrip will be reasonably relaxing.  Sightsee magnificent glaciers by day and soak yourself in delightful hot springs by night!

This journey begins in CalgaryPick up an RV in Calgary and after exploring Calgary in your own time, head out  into Banff.   This is a spectacular journey and you are sure to see some magnificent sights traveling through the foothills.  Before your arrival in Banff you'll emerge through the peaks of the Canadian Rockies, passing small mountainous towns and Indian Reserves, incredible sights! 

Spend a cosy night in your RV in either Calgary before you depart;
or in Banff:
BanffBanff Upper Hot Springs

(L)Banff Upper Hot Springs (R) Banff
(L) By KAZ2.0 - Flickr & (R) By Satoru Kikuchi - Flickr
Banff is a truly spectacular place to explore with so much to offer the tourist.  Take the Gondola high into the mountains for panoramic views of Banff and have a bite to eat in the cafe at the top.  Here is your chance to take a dip in the Banff Upper Hot Springs.  The nightlife, shopping and cafes are great,  not to mention the outdoor activities.  Take a hike or guided walking tour, go on a fishing trip, take a horse trail ride or rent a kayak and have a paddle.   If it's winter, cross country ski, snowmobile or take a canyon Ice Walk.

Canadian Rockies - Lake Louise
Lake Louise
By HBarrison - Flickr
When you've spent enough time in Banff, travel through the national park following the famous Icefields Parkway.  You will come across Lake Louise, a truly beautiful and breathtaking lake.  It's waters are melted glaciers and ice from surrounding areas.  Take some incredible pictures and if you want, spend the night. 

Keep heading north toward Columbia Icefield where you'll pass many glaciers, cool blue melted ice lakes and pristine rivers.   At Columbia Icefield ensure you join the Columbia Icefield Glacier Adventure at some point.
In Columbia Icefield you can spend a cosy night in your RV at:
Travel from Columbia Icefield into British Columbia or "BC".  Magnificent scenery will pass you by,  but the awesome thing about an RV is your freedom.  Park up with a view of beautiful scenery, put out some deck chairs and have a cup of coffee from the RV.  Perfect.

Slice of Heaven
Lake Magog (2 hours from radium)
By Jeff Pang - Flickr

Radium could be the most relaxing town in Western Canada.  Here you can soak your body in the world renowned Radium Hot Springs, the perfect way to relax after a hard day of looking at spectacular scenery.

After winding down in the hot springs, spend a night in your RV at:
From Radium you can head up into Yoho National Park or Glacier National Park, but if the journey must come to an end, head back to Calgary.  This is a 7 hour drive on the road you came on,  so perhaps spend a night somewhere on the way.

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Have a fantastic journey!

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Explore Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island in an RV!

The Shores of Baddeck_Cape Breton Island http://CaperPhotos.Com 
Shores of Baddeck
By krazyfella - Flickr 

Explore the beauty of Canada's Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island out the large windows of an RV. Sight-see pristine Lakes, pretty coastline, and maybe even some whales.  Pick up an RV from Halifax and spend some time exploring the cultural town.  Halifax is proud of it's outdoors and nature.  Have a picnic in a beautiful park, go for a swim (if it's warm enough), or work the legs on a hike of one of it's many majestic trails.  Explore away!

Cabot Trail
Cabot Trail
By Jeremy Nathan - Flickr
From Halifax it's a four hour drive up to Baddeck a town situated on the stunning Bras d'Or Lakes, reached by a world famous scenic drive with spectacular views of the seaside terrain and rolling seascapes.
 Take leisurely strolls along the lake's boardwalk and wharf, looking out for the pretty lighthouse, eagles and many sailboats.  Browse the many art and craft shops and take a look at Alexander Graham Bell's mansion or national historic site. You can rent a kayak lakeside and explore the waters keeping a watchful eye out for puffins and other amazing seabirds.
In Beddeck stay at:

Once you've had your fill of Cape Breton, head over to Prince Edward Island via the ferry from Caribou, Nova Scotia to Wood Island, PEI.  Drive through the magnificent scenery to Charlottetown.  Here you can tour restored historic buildings including Founders Hall and Province House National Historic Site.  Take a seal watching tour out in the harbor where you're almost guaranteed to see some seals as well as many sea birds and perhaps some dolphins.  If there's one thing you don't miss, make sure it's the Lobster at New Glasgow. 

Lobster in New Glasgow
 By smallestbones - Flickr

Leave the island behind and head over to Moncton via the Confederation bridge.  Hopefully you might catch an outdoor summer concert but otherwise visit the many museums or historic buildings.  Check out the Hopewell Rocks, also known as the Flowerpot Rocks , 40 minutes away.  The rocks are caused by tidal erosion from the extreme tidal range and can only be walked around  between three hours before and after low tide.

Flowerpot Rocks
 Flowerpot Rocks 
 By Anthony J - Flickr

If you're staying in Moncton stay at:
Otherwise rest your head in St. Andrews-by-the-sea at:
 In St. Andrews-by-the-Sea take some time out to stroll around the Kingsbrae Garden.  This horticulture masterpiece is one of Canada's top ten gardens.  The garden is a magnificent collection of color and mature trees and shrubs.

Hills on the Evangeline Trail
Evangeline Trail
By Robin Denyar - Flickr

After St Andrews, head to Digby.  Watch the tide rise up to a height of 16.5 meters at the headwaters.   Follow the Evangeline trail along the Fundy Coast, passing European history, farms, fishing villages and delightful apples orchards.  Consider joining the Brier Island Whale and Seabird cruise to an area that Humpback, Finback, dolphins and many seabirds frequent.
In Digby consider staying at:

From Digby you can head back to Halifax and conclude your journey.  However, there are still many more sights to see on the way.  Endless wildlife viewing areas, lookouts, bays, walking trails and pretty parks are roadside on the way. 

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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Motorhome Rental Special!

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Canada is one of the most exciting and rewarding RV destinations in the world. Sprinkled with fascinating cities and extraordinary wildlife it's also home to some of the most handsome and vast expanses of wilderness on the planet.

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